Booking Terms

Terms of a Booking

Please Note:

  • (1) All sections of our online booking form must be completed by the hirer and sent to the Townsend Hall Management Committee at
  • (2) A deposit of 25% of the fee, based on the number of hours the hall is required at this stage, must be sent with the booking form.  Please Note: A booking is not confirmed until advised by the booking administrator.
  • (3) The Hall is situated in a residential area and any music should be played to ensure neighbours to the Hall are not inconvenienced.
  • (4) Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will any music be played after midnight.
  • (5) Once the function has ceased organisers should ensure that their guests leave the premises quietly and in an orderly manner.
  • (6) The serving of alcoholic drinks shall cease as follows: Monday to Saturday inclusive no later than 11.30 pm – Sundays no later than 9.30 pm.

The Trustees of the Townsend Hall
Our Charity Number: 522997

General Conditions of Hire

  • (1) Special events may require other requirements and no booking shall be confirmed until any agreed deposit and or bond required in accordance with Condition 3 have been paid by the hirer. Cancellation by the hirer will be subject to a retention fee of 20% of the hire charge, to cover any costs already incurred by the Townsend Hall Management Committee. If the hiring is cancelled within 7 days of the event, the full hire charge will be payable.
  • (2) The Trustees may cancel bookings at any time without payment of compensation. All charges will then be refunded.
  • (3) For certain events the Trustees may require payment of a bond to cover the cost of repairing any damage caused by the hirer or the costs in cleaning the premises, should the hirer fail to clean them to the satisfaction of the trustees. The amount of the bond will be set by the Trustees. The bond will be returned to the hirer after the event, when and if any deduction has been made.
  • (4) Hirers must take note of any instructions made by the Trustees or their representatives, and are responsible for the evacuation of persons in an emergency such as a fire situation. They should familiarise themselves with the layout of the hall, and emergency exists.
  • (5) Hirers are responsible for complying with the legal requirements relating to the hiring and the building, also setting out of tables and chairs, and clearing away, unless agreed with the Booking Administrator. Hirers are also required to clean the area used, to the satisfaction of the Booking Administrator, otherwise an extra charge may be levied. ALL HIRERS MUST REMOVE ANY PAPER/BOTTLES ETC USED DURING THEIR HIRE. Failure will incur additional costs.
  • (6) The maximum number of persons who may be accommodated in the Main Hall is 300 and 75 in the Holden Room. The Trustees have the authority to exclude any persons in excess of that number, to comply with Fire and Safety regulations.
  • (7) The Trustees do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the hirers, unless caused through negligence of the Trustees or their staff. Hirers are responsible for all their own property whilst in the building and for its removal following the letting, which must be on the same day. Hirers are advised to have suitable insurance for their activity.
  • (8) Hirers are responsible for good order and conduct throughout the letting and shall ensure nothing occurs on or in the vicinity of the premises, which would constitute a public nuisance. In the interests of public safety the Trustees may require that S.I.A. licensed stewards are required for certain events, this cost will be paid for by the hirer.
  • (9) Inflatable bouncing devices may be used in the Townsend Hall at the additional cost of £30 and provided the hirer has a current copy of their suppliers Public Liability Insurance, copy of which should be attached the booking form.
  • (10) It is a condition of this agreement that it is the responsibility of the hirers to ensure that there is no infringement of any copyright, any necessary permits or licences will be obtained by the hirer.
  • (11) No alcohol licensing and large catering arrangements can be made except as agreed with the Trustees. If alcohol is to be sold, a licence will be required. The Trustees, by prior agreement with the hirer, may be able to provide a licensed bar facility, at a cost to the hirer. It may also be possible to obtain a T.E.N. licence.
  • (12) The hirer must ensure that the premises are vacated at the hour agreed on the booking form, otherwise there may be an additional charge.

If the hirer fails to comply with any of the above conditions, the Trustees may take such action as they deem necessary.

Fire and Safety Regulations

Hirers and users of the Townsend Hall must observe the following regulations laid down by the Licensing Authority and Fire Prevention Officers.

  • (1) The total number of people accommodated in the Main Hall at any one time must not exceed 300 persons and the maximum limited for the Holden Room is 75, the Servery Area 10.
  • (2) Where attendees are seated in rows, there must be one centre and two outside gangways, at least 3ft 6” in width, and there must be a space of at least 12” between the back of any seat and the front of the seat behind. The gangways must also be incorporated in table layouts within the hall. A reminder of these regulations is displayed in the Foyer.
  • (3) The gangways and exit doors must be left completely unobstructed at all times.
  • (4) The exit signs must be left on at all times the hall is in use, and switched off at the end of the event.
  • (5) The fire Extinguishers, blankets and axe etc, must not be removed or tampered with.
  • (6) No flammable materials may be stored backstage or naked flames used.
  • (7) All scenery or backdrops MUST be painted in Emulsion Paint and not Oil Based Paint.
  • (8) There must be no smoking backstage during performances. Smoking is allowed on stage if it is incidental to the performance.
  • (9) In the event of fire, however slight, the Fire Service and the Booking Administrator must be notified immediately. In the event of evacuation, a check should be made in other parts of the Hall to warn anyone else on the premises.
  • (10) In the event of a fire, sound the fire alarm and only tackle the fire with the supplied extinguishers if it is safe and you are competent to do so. Do not put yourself or others at risk. You should evacuate the building as quickly as possible and meet at the designated assembly point.
  • (11) All portable electrical equipment brought into the hall by the hirer should be checked for electrical safety (PAT tested) to ensure there is no fire risk from this equipment. This testing is at the expense of the hirer.

These rules are laid down for the safety of all persons using the Hall and it is the organizers of the events to ensure they are complied with. Hirers are warned that the Fire Prevention Officer can and will make unannounced inspections and they have the authority to stop an event proceeding should the rules not be observed.

The Trustees have also given this authority to the Booking Administrator.

A plan of the Hall showing exits, fire alarm call points and fire extinguishers is attached.

A plan is also on display in the Foyer with the evacuation procedure.

A copy of the Townsend Halls Risk Assessment is attached.