Live Music

Apr 12, 2022

So much going on at the hall. “Richard Leach’s Street Band” were an absolute treat – photos and video are now available on our Facebook page. When this goes out, we will have welcomed Cotswold Events back for an Elton John experience and you might just about be in time to still grab tickets to enjoy their “The Denotones 60’s Party” on 7th May.

Meanwhile, we had “Bateman Brothers Jazz Band”, complete with their own “Louis Armstrong” and “Ella Fitzgerald” for a Basin Street Blues experience! We’ll report back next time, but we’re confident this will have gone down a storm.

Looking ahead, we’ve got “Fret and Fiddle – Sally Minchin’s String Quintet” booked for Friday, May 27th. Tickets will be available from or from A. Clarke Electrical Services in town. Take a look at to whet your appetite.

Looking a bit further ahead, we’re so excited to see that the Proms will be back this June and look forward to welcoming some great events to the hall over the two weeks. As part of the programme, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve got “Baby Jools and the Jazzaholics” back. They were previously with us in December last year when things were still tough with covid – they were so much fun and not enough people got to enjoy their performance in the circumstances.

As always, keep up your support for the hall, maintained through a charity – so much going on, not just live music – plenty of other events, sports and clubs.

150 Club winners in the April draw are £15 no. 46; £10 no. 18; £5 no. 121.