Mar 30, 2023

Maintenance never stops and in the hall trustees committee meeting this month we reviewed the long list of items that need to be done to keep the hall in good order for the benefit of the local community. This is an expensive number of items, including replacement gas heater; stage curtain system; re-decoration; kitchen boiler; chairs and tables; several areas requiring refurbishment; and roof repairs (not including the main hall flat roof – currently ok, but a very worrying prospect when it needs replacing). And, like us all, we’re looking at a shocking renewal of the electricity contract.

Thank you for your continued support – there’s a common misconception that we’re the “Town Hall” and therefore a council building that our council tax bills fund – this isn’t the case, although we’re very grateful when we receive a council grant for one of the many items requiring attention. We’re very dependent on hiring fees, donations, and proceeds from the Traditional Jazz events we put on. On that front, it was very encouraging to see a sell-out for our event in February. As reported before, the proceeds from these are currently focused on one of our projects, providing “access for all” to the stage with a stage lift, and it’s great to report that we’re getting close to achieving the funding required. With prices increasing, we’re in negotiation to get the best deal possible and hope to report soon that this has got the go-ahead.

On the jazz front, at the time of writing, tickets for Tom “Spats” Langhams’s Hot Fingers are selling very well and we’re anticipating another sell-out, which is great news. Next up, we have the fabulous King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys on Friday 21st. April. Tickets are £15, available from, where you can bag your own table and seating, or for general availability seating from Clarke Electrical Services in town.

There are loads more going on: take a look at our website,, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more.