Musical Treats

May 16, 2022

Well, as expected, the “Bateman Brothers Jazz Band” did indeed go down a storm with a close to a sell-out crowd, standing ovations for the musicianship, and the audience on their feet dancing. In May we also welcomed Cotswold Events back with their “The Denotones 60’s Party” and our own booking of “Fret and Fiddle – Sally Minchin’s String Quintet” – both a musical treat!

And the musical treats keep on coming: we’re so pleased that the Proms is back and have booked the hall for some great events during their festival fortnight and to be in the programme with one of our own Proms bookings. As noted last time, we’re really pleased to get “Baby Jools and the Jazzaholics” back with us – they’re fabulous musicians, so much fun and too many missed out on seeing them when they were last with us due to covid. We’re happy to correct that on Friday, June 17th. Tickets will be available from or from A. Clarke Electrical Services in town.

The hall is a charity, managed by a small group of volunteer trustees – there’s always loads to do to keep the hall maintained and running effectively for the community and we’re always up for more volunteers if you have the time to help support us. If you’re good with numbers, we also have an opening for a volunteer treasurer. Please give us a shout!

As always, keep up your support for the hall – so much going on, not just live music – plenty of other events, sports and clubs. Our 150 club is about to start a new financial year, and for just £15 a ticket you’re in with a chance to win a monthly cash prize, with a big draw at Christmas.