The Townsend Hall is Back

Oct 22, 2021

One of our regular hall event hirers has recently put on a Beatles tribute band, originally booked for April 2020! It’s so good to get back to a level of normality 18 months or so later! This has been followed with an Abba tribute band early October and they’ve also booked the hall for a James Bond themed evening November 6th; and the Birmingham Blues Brothers on 4th December.

In other event news, a big thank you to the Shipston Rugby Club for booking their dinner event with us, with guest international rugby union referee, Nigel Owens. We hear this was a superb evening! This is a great example of things that are possible to put on at the hall given the comprehensive facilities it has to offer, including: kitchen; servery; 2 halls – one with a stage, sound / dvd system; projector; lighting; etc.

Our regular club bookings: kids dance, sports clubs, drama, pilates, etc, are also back!

For those new to the area, or just didn’t realise, the hall is held in trust for the benefit of our community (non-profit). It’s a charity and there’s a small group of volunteers and trustees that work hard to keep the hall going.

It’s not easy and it doesn’t come for free….

The small fee we charge for hall bookings keeps us ticking over, but we’re always in need of additional funding for us to keep chipping away at a long list of maintenance / improvement projects.

We’ve used some of our limited available funds recently to upgrade the stage electrics to comply with regulations, and we’re also working on how we can build on the partial council funding (thank you!) to provide a lift that will enable stage access for all.

Every penny counts towards keeping our hall going. We have a “150 club” (see website, address below, for details) – please join if you can – for a £15 yearly subscription, you’re in with a chance to win a cash prize in our monthly draw, and a big cash prize in our Christmas draw; and have you discovered Amazon Smile?  Maybe select us as your charity for Amazon to support – no additional cost to you when doing your Amazon shopping.

Otherwise, please make the most of your hall – it’s there for your benefit and your bookings are also a great help towards running costs. Check out the diary on the website – plenty of slots still available if you’d like to make a booking for your event / club.

On Sunday November 14th we have a Christmas gift fair booked into the hall and a number of our trustees also plan to be around – once you’ve got your gifts sorted, look us up for a chat!

The 150 Club winners in the October draw are: £15 no. 65; £10 no. 54; £5 no. 101.